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U.S. Government Information on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
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Documentary Films

The films noted below are part of HRSA’s effort to address the serious gap between the people in need of organs for transplantation and the number of organs available. Put yourself in the position of the people you see in these films – the donors, the recipients, and their families. Then sign up to become a donor

No Greater Love

In this EMMY™ award-winning documentary narrated by Angela Lansbury, you will be touched by the heroic stories of people staring death in the face daily as they wait for donated organs to become available. Seeing how their families and loved ones support them and how all of their lives are affected brings home the desperate need for more organ and tissue donors.

The impact of the organ shortage becomes real as you follow the emotional ups and downs of a young fireman, his wife, and 3-year-old daughter during his two-year fight to survive while waiting for a liver transplant. The similar story of a mother of three waiting for a heart transplant also hinges on the kindness of an organ donor.

These and other inspirational stories of donors and organ recipients are featured in No Greater Love, along with the remarkable recollections of family members. This special edition includes new, never-before-seen footage.

> Order your free copy of No Greater Love here

A Science of Miracles

Human organ and tissue transplantation is “a science of miracles” that extends and improves lives every day. For more of these miracles to happen, though, more people must step forward and sign up as donors.

A Science of Miracles—narrated by NBA star Alonzo Mourning, whose life was saved by a donated kidney—shows medical science and surgical expertise working miracles. The medical procedures depicted and interviews with ground-breaking surgeons bring the history of organ transplantation to life. Sadly, organ donation is not keeping pace with the growing need for transplants. The film poignantly shows how the growing gap between supply and demand has lengthened the painful waiting time for patients and their families. You will come away from this compelling film knowing that transplants can save lives. You also will come away convinced that more donors of every race, ethnicity, gender, and age are desperately needed. You can be one of them.

> Order your free copy of A Science of Miracles here


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